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8 Steps Unihan (8suh.com) is the main web site and its purpose is to provide the uptodate Chinese fonts which characters are provided by Unicode and also the program to retrieve them by mouse click or by  keyboard typing. There are a set of uptodated Song fonts from this website  which are copies of microsoft window 10 Chinese  fonts and  added with  ext E and ext F Chinese characters, supplementary and useful user private area characters.

The followings are the links to various cathegories that are my personal favourates.

The great story (Therese O’Beirne)

Photography (SP Lo)  攝影

Chinese Poem and Phrase  (in Chinese)诗 词版

Arts (Megan Tan’s Art ) 陳芷仪美术

Arts (Stefanie Carnevale) Melbourne Artist

Way to well being  ( in Chinese)健身法

My Understanding of the Bible 我対圣经的领会

Understanding of Unicode 了解萬国码

Understanding of 8steps Unihan 了解八步全 汉

Chinese Oracle data 甲骨文收集庫

Chinese Etymology   汉文字源

My oil Paintings in 1970 –

Old Chair and My Bicycle in Chung Ling High School Penang





Easy Access to all Unihan Characters