Unihan Simsun Fonts 10.0 Download 下载全汉字体

8StepsUnihan has put together a package of unihan Fonts which cover much of the Unicode Han Characters specified. These are freely available on the Internet and 8StepsUnihan have merely package them for your convenience. The 8suhA, 8suhB and 8suhC  fonts are extension of simsun font that cover the main, ext A, extB, extC, extD, extE, and extF and some supplementary and private use area glyphs.  8suhA1, 8suhB1 and 8suhC1 contained glyphs used by Simplified, Traditional and Ancient Han  users. The unicode ver 11.0 has  released ext F in 20 June 2017. So if you want to type the characters from those newly added characters, you can download the Common Chinese Fonts  and also be a subscriber so that you not  only support the work of the Chinese characters but also benefit from what unicode has offer so far. You may need to download the full package from another page.

The Fonts 字形 currently Included are

  • 8suhA1  (8STEPA) simplified  陸马星简体形
  • 8suhB1  (8STEPB) traditional 台港澳繁體形
  • 8suhC1 (8STEPC) Ancient Han (Japanese, Korean) 日韓越漢体
  • 篆文
  • 行书
  • 草书

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