Full Package完全版 First Edition Ver 1.0.0


8StepsUnihan Full Package八步全汉完全版

To realize the full value of 8steps you need both  mouse click application and  IME key typing features.

Using the key typing feature can be a real challenge as you need to remember the keycodes of the common parts however once mastered the reward is a mean to rapidly type Chinese characters into any of your Microsoft Windows based applications.

What is key code 什庅是字码?

A key code is a string of alphabet and numeric number that mixed to carry a certain characteristic that map to a chinese character. To be a successful user  please send an email to enquiry@8suh.com with your details. Please include your name, and email address and share your comments , suggestions and questions.

Make sure you have downloaded and installed the Chinese fonts first 

8SuhU1  -a font set comparative to Unihan standard ver 13 Han glyphs.

8SuhS1 – a font set that displays the simplified Chinese glyphs.

8SuhT1 – a font set that displays the Traditional Chinese glyphs.

8SuhA1 – a font set that displays the Ancient Han glyphs.

8SuhJ1 – a font set that display the Japanese Han glyphs.

Download any one of the Full Packages First Edition      Ver 1.0.0  (updated  22/10/2021).

下載其中一部 八步全汉完整系統 (updated 22/10/2021).

Traditional Chinese Full Package 繁體(台港澳)

Simplified Chinese Full Package 简体 (陸星马)

Ancient Han Chinese Full Package 古漢 (日韓越)

You may use the trial account code after download

zJM Ii7 Oe5 EAn

If you are using windows 11, please use administrative privilege to run eightsteps.exe.