Introductory to 8 Steps Unihan package (8SUH)

8StepsUnihan has a number of offerings . The initial download links provide free introductory access  to a simple Windows Application. To extend its use beyond the initial trial period you need to register and obtain a License Code  to insert into the software. Additional functionality in the form of extended character sets and the unique rapid keyboard data entry can then be purchased against that license.

A Windows Application to Render Any Unihan Character.

The mouse clicks program starts displaying the primary parts (sometimes call the radicals) of the Chinese characters map as it would appear in any traditional dictionary’s first index page. This is the first page.


Using the mouse to select a primary part  switches to the second page which will show the related parts list. Further mouse selection on a part from the related part list will switch to the 3rd page  showing the list of related characters of the part. You may select the desired character and click on it to switch to the 4th page which will show the attributes of the character.


From the attribute page, there is a button for you to find the definition of the character. Since the whole Unicode project is still in work in progress, half of the characters set may not have any meaning attached to them. You may try the web to see whether any website has any information related to the Chinese character otherwise you may have to fall back to manual Chinese dictionaries.

Hints on Installing the Software

There is more information on installing 8 Steps Unihan here

Download Full User Manual

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