Key Code Examples

What are key codes?

Once the key typing feature is loaded and you want to type the character 女, run a notepad or MS word or any text processor related program. Set the IME from English to Chinese Traditional array table or 行表. Type “G” and followed with a space bar. You will see a box with “女“ on top of the list. Press a space bar or a return key and you will see the character女 stick next to the cursor on the page you are working with. As you know 女 means girl. So “G” is a key code for girl (女). Similarly, key code for Chinese character 子 which means kid is “kd”. So when the IME is on the Chinese Traditional array table and you type “kd” follow with a space bar you will see 子 appear on top of the IME box list.Press the space bar or a return key and you will get “子”stick next to the cursor. If you type “gkd” as key code you will get “好” which means good in English and you can see it is a combination of 女 and 子in Chinese character.


  1. Key code for 目 is E
  2. Key code for 八 is 8 (numeric)
  3. You get 貝if you type “e8” as key code.
  4. You get 質 if you type “f52e8” as key code.