My understanding of the Bible – sharing 我対圣经的一些了解分享

There are some ideas and concepts I would like to share with all of you regarding the interpretation of the word in the Christian bible. You may not agree with me and please do not feel offended.

Number theory

Let me recap the real number theory I learned from my lecturer when I was in Uni Sains Malaysia. He said “we can map a number to anything that is created. This number is representing a point in the real number space. These numbers can be a countable number or an uncountable number. Example of countable number is the integer or real number that represents dollar and cent. Example of uncountable number is the figure that is represented by pi (π) 圆周率. To use the uncountable number, we can always find a countable number that its value is very near to the uncountable number so that the value can be used in the calculation with very little or acceptable error. 0 无 and ∞ 无限 are the two special numbers that can take up two points in the real number space but perform in calculation with limitation and exceptions. 0 is an integer and ∞ is real number.”


any figure that add to 0 is that figure (no change)

any figure that minus with 0 is that figure (no change)

any figure multiply with 0 is 0.

any figure divided by 0 is infinity ∞ except 0

0 divided by 0 is indeterminable..

any figure add with an ∞ is ∞ (no change)

any figure minus from an ∞ is ∞ (no change)

any figure multiply with an ∞ is ∞ except 0

any figure divided by an ∞ is 0 except ∞

∞ divided by ∞ is indeterminable.

for calculation, there are two numbers (0,∞) that cannot be divided by itself. (indeterminable)

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Let us come up with a new number that cannot be represented by another countable number in number space. Let it be an uncountable and indeterminable  number. Let this number be a set of all points including 0 and ∞ so there is no other point in the real number space you can find to represent this number. Let this number be the number space itself. Let this number take up a symbol like ◎ . Let this number points to an entity that is not a creation of God. Let this number be called ONE (一位, 一切).

Jesus said there is only one god.



God is One

Before the creation, there is One.
In One is to be with God and also to be in his kingdom.
In One, from our perspectives, there is no time to mark, there is no distance to travel, no countable number to count and everything in it is ethernal.
In One, there is only one God and there is only one voice.
In One, we are in the Lord Jesus, and the Lord is in us.
In One, his will be done on earth as it is in heaven (Our earth is like heaven).
Jesus had died and rose so that whoever believes in him can individually be in One.
Our god is bigger than heaven and yet he dwells in it.
The holy spirit is bigger than heaven and yet he dwells in us.
God is in One and God is One.
Whoever is in One, speak only one voice, the voice is from the heart and comes from the heavenly father and it comes with peace and joy.
Whoever is in One, he is in the kingdom of god. His spirit is with god and he is god.(no need to agree with me or try to kill me after reading)
In One, we are one even we are many and different.
In One, there is one god even there are the holy father, the holy son, the holy spirit and children of god.

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中文的一可分成可數的數目(countable)和不可數的數目(uncountable and indeterminable)。
一位加一位是兩位 (countable 人數)
一切加一切是一切,不是兩切(uncountable and indeterminable)
一位神加一位神加一位神是一位神, 不是三位神 (god is omnipresent, uncountable and indeterminable )

与神同一,也是与神同在, 也是在天國里。
我们可与神同一,因主耶稣为我们的罪死在十字架上,展現出天父的願諒. 凡信靠祂的也背起自己十架的(當你認为自己是对時 ,能願諒对方。當你認为自己是錯時,能願諒自己)都能在天國里。
(god children are not omnipresent, but god dwells in our heart and he is omnipresent )。

When a baby was born, he learned by imitate from what he saw, what he heard and what he touched. These were the fundamental senses and sources of input (signal) for his brain to capture information from the environment he lived in. Once his brain was hard wired to these type of information, his character was formed. His survival skills were formed. His mind set was formed and able to interpret the information came through these channels. This was the general learning model that he acquired. If he were to live among the wolfs, he would behave like a wolf. He would think like a wolf.
There was another set of information travelling within our body. This information was from the heart. Every time the heart pumps blood throughout the body, it sent out signals as well so that certain organs would receive the blood more and certain part of the body would receive much less blood even though we can still sense the strong pulses from the heart throughout the body. The heart was in control of the blood circulation. The heart was the main organ to keep our body survive.
Our body is the temple of god. The heart is where our spirit dwells. An evil heart is only a figurative expression. Our heart is never evil. If our mind set is only interpreting the signals from what we see, what we hear and what we feel, we have no connection with our spirit. We believe in god by hearing the word of god. We depend on god word to experience his existence. After experiencing god, what the spirit talks to us is from  our heart, our mind can intercept and interpret them through meditation. We can see visions and  dream dreams. Our mind only then can understand that we sinned against god in all our doing in the past. We repent by depend on god (signals or voices from our heart) and not depend on what we see, hear and touch. As we can listen to his still voice and understand him clearly and do what he says. Our sin stops.
Sin is not a crime but crime is definite an act of sinful thought. We are all born sinner. Do what god in your heart tells you to do is the way of living a spiritual life. Reading bible is to prepare our mind set to interpret the signal come from our heart. We depend on god to understand what the bible is saying and we should not depend on what the people in the world is trying to say to us. If someone is telling you or sharing what is from his heart, you may agree with him.
Our heart can talk. Peace and joy come from our heart and our mind can interpret it and rest on it. That is why the bible tell us to rejoice always and peace be still in our mind. Hope and love comes from our heart. Our heart provides us with full knowledge, understanding and wisdom. Our heart gives us life. Once we are one with god, our heart is the tree of life. Our brain is the tree of knowledge of good and evil, a partial knowledge of what we gather in our lifetime.

Peter, a follower of Jesus had to denial that he knew Jesus for three times when Jesus was going through humility unto death. The intensity of humiliation was so severe that no one could obviously bare it but Jesus. There is a chapter in the Christian old testament talking about the scenario and churches had a different interpretation of this chapter to avoid to be in the time shift of humility and absolute chaos. If you were not matured dependent of Jesus, the following sharing would not be good for you. Stop here otherwise read with your own risk!

The last chapter of revelation. John said that Jesus was the bright morning star. This implied that the bright morning star was not an angel. (Muslim said Jesus was an angel)
Matthew 27 , Jesus cried loudly “Eli, Eli, lema sabachthani”. Jesus experienced fallen.
Jesus had gone through the deepest humility throughout crucifixion.
Jesus knew who he was in his heart. He was the right hand of God. He had to bare all the curses and sins upon himself and drank the cup – Babylon.
Jeremiah 51: Babylon was a gold cup in the LORD’s hand; she made the whole earth drunk. The nations drank her wine; therefore they have now gone mad. (Jesus was the only one who drank the wine and received humiliation and mockery unto death on the cross).
Isaiah 14:12 How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations! 13For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north: 14 I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most High. (This is what happen to Jesus) 15 Yet thou shalt be brought down to hell, to the sides of the pit.
After Jesus died and before he rose from death, Jesus went down to hell to take the key so that the authority in hell was in the hand of Jesus. Literally meaning of Lucifer was a bright star. The name of devil was Satan and not bright star.
I shared this because about 18 years ago (~1998), when I had completed reading Isaiah 14, there was a still voice came upon me and said “It’s me” and followed by a still vision of two dimensional Jesus’s portrait in light blue monotone color for a few seconds. I have been trying to share this but received only hostility and humiliation. After several prayers and several days later, my life was back to normal. If you had experienced the same, I am whole heartedly congratulate you for you are not alone.

Cross – Symbol of Forgiveness
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On this page, I am going to share what my heart is telling me. To get the forgiveness from god of our sins  (doing away from what god want us to do). We need to believe in Christ is son of god, that he died on the cross through humility, pain and shed of blood. He died and rose again after the third day, so that he completed the task giving to him so that who ever believe (and depend) in him will have eternal life. God has prepared eternity for us.  A good life on earth and a long suffering if we have not reached the point. God see everything is good so do I and I also believe so. To get god forgiveness, we have to believe in Christ and also we have to abide in him. Do not let our mind stays in the camp of tree of knowledge of the good and evil only and get in the camp of tree of life also so in our mind we are free from thinking that what we did is right and what other did is wrong. When we do think that we are right, we have to forgive  others. If we think we are wrong, we have to forgive ourselves. To forgive is not an easy task for Jesus had to surfer so much to demonstrate our heavenly father forgiveness. To carry our own cross is to forgive others if we think we are right and forgive ourselves if we think we are wrong. Jesus had carried the cross of our heavenly father to show that our heavenly father had forgiven our sin . If we do not carry our own cross, we have no relationship with  our heavenly father and the forgiveness or salvation had nothing to do with us  even though we said we are Christian and attend church services.

Suppose we let 气(中医)=静音(圣经 )=暗能量(物理)=無(道家)
then we can say
正气is the dark energy that filled the universal space.
静水is the dark material that filled the universal space.
無 is the undetectable universal space
静 means undetectable.
暗 (dark)means undetectable.
Holy spirit is still water静水.
God speak in still voice.
(气息=生命=Life) is a still voice.
Still voice run in our blood stream.
The line that connect the 穴位(经络)can only be an imaginary
line because it is undetectable.
穴位 is an undetectable point in our body. Because of its effect, we can find them.
中医is not scientific by western culture because气 is undetectable.
The effect of 气 is observable. see
Still voice and still water is ONE.(omnipresent, undetectable, their effect is observable).
The joy, peace, healing that flows from our heart to
the rest of our body is in still voice. When our inner eye focuses on the signal from our heart, we experience peace, joy, revelation, inspiration, healing, visions and dreams .Our mind is filled with hope and satisfaction.
When we step on still water, there is no ripple ( in my dream异梦).
When the still water flow, there is wave but no 浪花( in my dream异梦).
When you experienced god, you may experience all these.

天国  vs 量子空间.  (新约约翰福音 )


重叠- 正如你父在我里面 , 我也在你里面。(约翰:17:21)

纠缠- 凡是我的,都是你的。你的也是我的。(约翰:17:10,11)

现象 – 我去的地方你们不能去。一会儿你见不到我 , 一会儿你还要
          见我。(约翰 7:34, 16:16)

It is up to you to accept the concepts below and it is on your own risk to believe it.
Let me use diagrams to illustrate the concepts.
In the beginning, God create the space.

The space in the bible is called the garden of Eden.
In the garden, god planted two trees. He called the first tree tree of life (生命树)and the other tree he called tree of wisdom (智慧树)(tree of knowledge of good and bad).

Both trees bear fruits.
They both give rise to human the power to do the work according to god instructions.
There is a danger that if the fruit from the tree of wisdom is taken first, human can be stand alone for he can see better and only depend what he saw to live and work. There is no life from this fruit. Human will die eventually and the work he did will lead him to vanity of vanities. The wisdom is a set of knowledges that will allow human to govern nations, place things according to its best purpose. So things like mathematic, philosophy, psychology, science, strategic in warfare and so forth are from the fruits of wisdom. The artificial intelligent is a great creation from human wisdom but it cannot give life.

So even the two trees still in the garden of Eden but was guarded so human can not access the tree of life. The two trees were just like separated eight thousand miles (八千里路雲和月)apart.
Every things done base from the fruits of wisdom is sin to god. It has deviated from god direction. Human is stand alone now. He is in the dark but his eyes can see the external light. Every things he did fall short from the glory of god. The world became the kingdom of the devil. Human became the slave of the dark.

God so love the world that he send his begotten son to die for human sin so that who ever believe (depend on) in him will have eternal life. This is the forgiven act from god. Who ever carry his own cross (forgive others and himself) and enter the kingdom of god (have good relation with god) will be in the stage like the above diagram. He is in me and I am in him. Entanglement 纠缠. Jesus took up the human sin and put his spirit into human heart.
Who ever in this stage is righteous to god and god give birth to them to be his children.
Who ever do not carry his own cross (do not forgive others or himself) will remain in darkness for god forgiveness has nothing to do with them.
The tree of life may be 4 light years away (figuratively) but the distance between righteous human and god is zero for they are entangled (I am in him and he is in me).
Sorry the diagram may look like the icon of 道. I just make use of it to illustrate the relationship about our entanglement with Jesus.

The way to be a matured Christian (read it on your risk)

1)Carry your own cross
Jesus died on the cross and performed the forgiveness of the heavenly father.
Carry your own cross just means you have to forgive other and also yourself.
If you have difficulty in forgiving someone, pray for them so that God will bless them. Do it until you received the forgiveness from the heavenly father.
2)Be joyful always
When you have received the forgiveness from the father, it is so relief and free in yours mind. It is the truth that set you free. You can be joyful always. Peace and joys flow from yours heart to your mind.
All your needs are ready for you and you can see them (When you are in kingdom of god).
The negative thoughts (like anxiety, resentment, jealousy, angriness, frustration, untrusting) that generated from what you see and hear will no longer haunting your mind. The perfect love will cast out the fear.
You keep your mind and soul healthy.
3)Able to communicate with God in your own heart
It is the mind that concentrate on what you see and what you hear that block the communication with god in your heart. Stop all the thoughts that related to what has happened in front of your eyes and what you have heard from your ears.
Meditate on what thoughts are coming out from your heart. The still voice, dreams, and visions that may appear in you from time to time.
The so called six sense, the inspiration, the reminding thought and some thoughts about how to solve your immediate problem.
These are the ways that you may communicate with God in your heart. Some time you may experience a voice telling you how to solve a problem or asking you what you really need to do. When you experience the voice or thought that is from your heart, do it straight away.
4)Have a heart of a servant
When you receive a message from your heart, carry out immediately. Do not do what is not told from your heart.
Sometime you wish to do something, pray about it and God will indicate to you how it should be done. If you make a mistake, God will let you know. It is always that God has prepared all the staff you required to do it. If it was a long job, you will find what you need will appear as time come, a piece at a time.
5)Pay your 10 percent to your own church
Pay 10 percent or more to your local church with joyful heart.
Do not think what you do is to help the church or pastor. It is the blessing of your financial situation from God that you pay your duty.
6)Share your experience with others
When you share your experience with others, you are spreading the Good News and unfolding the truth and set the situation free from bondage.
When you have all the points mentioned above, you are in the kingdom of God. You live like an angle and more. You are God children and what belong to God also belong to you. (God never change and is eternal. If you are still outside the kingdom, never too late to try out but god has his own timing.)
If you know you are in the kingdom of god you are a matured born again Christian and vice versa.