8StepsUnihan is a series of software packages or features provided for Windows based computers that aim to make the rendering of any Unihan character sets as easy as possible. It attempts to make the computer behaves like a Chinese word processor or a Chinese computer dictionary. The minimum version of Windows supported is Windows 8 and Window 10 is preferable. The Windows Operating System must first be set up with Traditional Chinese Language  before 8StepsUnihan is loaded. The software enables the production of Unicode text and the fonts provided covered all the unihan ver 8.0 characters ( main, Ext A to Ext E, supplementory and some useful user private area  >85,000 chinese characters). Many fonts are available from the Internet but our download site provides a comprehensive one and all the glyphs were made unique.

The 8StepsUnihan mouse based application helps find the desired Chinese character. There are over 80,000 Chinese characters in the Unicode data base. 8stepsUnihan mouse package can enable you to pick up any one of them in a few clicks before looking up the code and meaning (limited by reading text from Unihan of Unicode) or transferring the resulting character to another document.

For more advanced users an IME based key typing feature turns your keyboard into a character finder and in programs such as Word, Notepad or mail allowing you to input the desired Chinese character with a few key strokes.

Current Packages

  1. An Introductory Trial of the mouse click application (Free Download) 试用 八步輸入法 (免费版).
  2. Common Fonts Download 下载通用宋体
  3. An Introductory advanced application (You Need To Register with Us)