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Registering 8 Steps Unihan 注册八步全 汉

The initial trial of 8 Steps Unihan has  much lower function set than the  more advance versions. To upgrade  to an advanced version you need to register and later subscribe for an account with 8 Steps Unihan.

When you first run the  advanced Package you are requested to enter some details of yourself.  These details can be updated at any time by choosing  the Account  Menu Item and selecting “Update Account Details”

If you have an Account Code from 8 Steps Unihan then your registration can be completed by entering the code via the menu item “Update ” and “Account Code”. This will complete your registration.

If you do not have an Account Code then  choose the “Register” button. This will first check that your details are complete before taking you to the registration page on the web. On the registration page choose “I have No Account- Create a New Account” option to create your Account code.  Take a note of this code. It is also a good idea at this time to visit the “Home” link and setup your password.  Once the software is registered the download link will appear which will enable additional downloads.

If you have an Account Code an alternative registration method exists. Connect directly to the online registration page via http://scripts.innovasolutions.com.au/cgi-bin/accntmgt8stepsuh.exe and enter the Account  Code and the Hardware code. These codes can be copied to the clipboard from the Code Menu on the 8 Steps Unihan “Account”>”Edit Account Details”  dialog.registration