8SUH Input Method (IME) 八步中文输入法 for Unihan Font ver 15.3 including Ext I updated 14 April 2024.

The Ultimate Chinese Input Program !

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Especially the  8 Step Unihan ( 8suh.com), the ultimate Chinese input software!

It consists of :

1  A set of modified and updated Chinese Song Fonts  from Window 10 (8STEPA). Included in it are all the Chinese characters in Unihan with Extension A to I and Supplements

2  A free user   manual about  the rules and mnemonics for the   8 Step Unihan input method

3. The 8 Step Unihan programme itself.

That is all !

WHY 8 Steps Unihan ?

As you all know, there are quite a few Chinese input methods software that come together with Google, Windows  and other operating systems .Not the least among them is the Pinyin. But Pinyin has its disadvantages:

At least half of the total number of Chinese characters in Unicode are without pronunciation. Meaning  Pinyin cannot display these characters. On top of this, so many characters share the same pronunciation that oftentimes simply  picking out your target becomes quite a chore!

My  8 Steps Unihan has the following advantages :

  1. Almost 95% of the characters can be displayed with  one  unique  keycode.
  2.  100% of the characters in Unihan  can be displayed  by Eight Step Unihan input method
  3. Only 5% of the characters in Unihan have  shared keycodes in 8 Steps Unihan. Mostly you just need to select your target  from  2 to 20 characters at the most,  all contained  within 2s pages.
  4. A keycode in 8 Steps Unihan will not only give you  a Chinese character , it will also gives you many useful relevant referencing sources about its pronunciation, its meaning, its  origin and its variant forms  if they exist.
  5. Each keycode is made up of  numerals ( 0 to 9) and/or  alphabets ( a to z ). Simple ?
  6. You can now access all the Chinese characters  in Unihan version 15.1 in WINDOWS 10!

8 Steps Unihan  definitely is the choice for all librarians , archeologists , writers  and lexicographers and, not the least of all,  common users like you and me!

Current Packages

  1. Common Fonts Download 下载通用宋体
  2. An Introductory advanced application 

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