The objective of 8 steps unihan input method editor 八步全汉输 入法目标

There are several chinese input methods that delivered together with the operating system. In general, it is ideal to have a method that type every chinese word with one strike.  However,  this method does not exist.  We may next look for a method that is closed to it. It is also important to retrieve every chinese word provided by Unihan from Unicode.  These criteria make pinyin unreachable because there exist half of the unihan characters are without obvious pronunciation (pinyin). The last criteria is if there were selection to be made, they should not be more than a page.

In short, we may have a matrix like below to find the optimal solution.

single strike of words =>95%

retrivable words =100%

selection on words of same key code <20 words ( within a page)

All key code keys can be formed  from 0 to 9 and  a to z which were from the querty keyboard keys except the punctuation. No invention of new keyboard is necessary. As for the key code for all the chinese word, there should be  rules and  mnemonic to map the keycode to the chinese word.

8 Steps Unihan input method editor is invented and engineered to accomplish the solution. You will be very blessed if you try to understand and type with 8 steps unihan input method for chinese character. Once you remember all the 120  english mnemonic and couple of rules you can type all the word in Unihan ver 8 (>85,000 chinese characters). If you were a chinese author, a librarian, an archiology, dictionary editor or any body that encounter difficulty in type chinese character, you will love this method. If you master the method, you may teach others as all the software tools for teaching are already provided free.



New Chinese Simsun Font 10.0 Available from 8 Steps Unihan 全汉新宋体

The 8suhA1, 8suhB1, 8suhC1 and 8suhS1 fonts are extension and modification of simsun font from microsoft that cover the Main, ExtA, ExtB, ExtC, ExtD, ExtE and ExtF and some supplementary and private use areas  from Han Nom font set.  8suhA1, 8suhB1,8suhC1 and 8suhS1 contained glyphs used by , Unihan, Traditional, Ancient Chinese,Simplified respectively,  The Unihan ver 10.0 has released Ext F in 2017  and Ext G is seemed not happening. So if you want to type the characters from those newly added characters, you can download the Common Chinese Fonts from this website and also be a subscriber so that you not  only support the work of the Chinese characters but also benefited from what Unicode has offered so far.

到下面的网页 下载全汉宋体

goto fonts download page

8 Steps Unihan Preferred Working Environment

8 Steps Unihan requires Windows 10 (selection of IME is excelent) or later and it also works well with 0ffice 365 preferably at least 8 Gb of RAM.

The user should install the Chinese fonts(8suhA1, 8suhB1, 8suhC1,8suhS1) provided first and remember to update them twice a year.

The initial setup also requires that the regional language be correctly established (either Simplified or Traditional Chinese).

The CPU should ideally be a Pentium i3 or equivalent or higher.  A keyboard and a mouse is considered a must however if  a touch screen is available it would provide a lot of fun.

An internet connection is required to run the program. You may download the advanvced package and make use of a free temporary Account Code key as below

(zJM Ii7 Oe5 EAn);

Registering 8 Steps Unihan 注册八步全 汉

The initial trial of 8 Steps Unihan has  much lower function set than the  more advance versions. To upgrade  to an advanced version you need to register and later subscribe for an account with 8 Steps Unihan.

When you first run the  advanced Package you are requested to enter some details of yourself.  These details can be updated at any time by choosing  the Account  Menu Item and selecting “Update Account Details”

If you have an Account Code from 8 Steps Unihan then your registration can be completed by entering the code via the menu item “Update ” and “Account Code”. This will complete your registration.

If you do not have an Account Code then  choose the “Register” button. This will first check that your details are complete before taking you to the registration page on the web. On the registration page choose “I have No Account- Create a New Account” option to create your Account code.  Take a note of this code. It is also a good idea at this time to visit the “Home” link and setup your password.  Once the software is registered the download link will appear which will enable additional downloads.

If you have an Account Code an alternative registration method exists. Connect directly to the online registration page via and enter the Account  Code and the Hardware code. These codes can be copied to the clipboard from the Code Menu on the 8 Steps Unihan “Account”>”Edit Account Details”  dialog.registration

8Steps Unihan Installation Instructions八步全汉输入法安装说明

You need to log on to the computer as an  Administrator to install a software. It is also a good idea to close all other programs during the installation phase.

Before you start to install the 8stepsunihan package, you must make sure your computer regional language has been set to “Chinese Traditional Array” (行表) in Chinese (Traditional Taiwan) category from the control panel.

See the picture below on the right hand side bottom box with pink highlight

General Chinese Fonts

To make full use of Unihan ver 8.0  characters set,   you need 8 Steps Unihan  simsun fonts  to display them. We provide a download of the latest Simsun ver 8  font via our Common Chinese Fonts Download 下载通用宋体.  These are 8stepA  for simplified Chinese users, 8stepB (MingLiu) for Traditional Chinese users, 8StepC(古汉) for Ancient Chinese users. 8 Steps Unihan Advanced package  provides Chinese calligraphy fonts which would allow you to display the character vertical. We may provide 金文体later (targeted in 2017).

Obtain the Installation File

Having set up your  regional language settings and download Unihan fonts you are now ready to download and install the  installation files.  A free trial version is available from our “Introductory Trial of 8StepsUnihan Package” page. To obtain downloads of advanced packages you need to establish an account and visit your download page there.


The installation program may request permission to “Make Change to your computer” . This is quite normal.  You will be offered a choice of languages for installer instructions.   You will be required to agree to the license conditions .  The default setting are generally work well.

At the end of the installation,  a program will run and request confirmation to enable changes to the standard text array.  “To provide eight steps functionality we have to make changes to your computer replacing the  standard chinese text array.”

If you do not wish for this to happen then you will not be able to use the keyboard to enter the 8 Steps Unihan full  characters set.

It is a good idea to to let the computer restart after completing  the installation.

It is very easy to select between the chinese and english fonts by tapping the shift key on your keyboard.


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