8 Steps Unihan Preferred Working Environment

8 Steps Unihan requires Windows 10 (selection of IME is excelent) or later and it also works well with 0ffice 365 preferably at least 8 Gb of RAM.

The user should install the Chinese fonts(8suhA1, 8suhB1, 8suhC1,8suhS1) provided first and remember to update them twice a year.

The initial setup also requires that the regional language be correctly established (either Simplified or Traditional Chinese).

The CPU should ideally be a Pentium i3 or equivalent or higher.  A keyboard and a mouse is considered a must however if  a touch screen is available it would provide a lot of fun.

An internet connection is required to run the program. You may download the advanvced package and make use of a free temporary Account Code key as below

(zJM Ii7 Oe5 EAn);