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The objective of 8 steps unihan input method editor 八步全汉输 入法目标

There are several chinese input methods that delivered together with the operating system. In general, it is ideal to have a method that type every chinese word with one strike.  However,  this method does not exist.  We may next look for a method that is closed to it. It is also important to retrieve every chinese word provided by Unihan from Unicode.  These criteria make pinyin unreachable because there exist half of the unihan characters are without obvious pronunciation (pinyin). The last criteria is if there were selection to be made, they should not be more than a page.

In short, we may have a matrix like below to find the optimal solution.

single strike of words =>95%

retrivable words =100%

selection on words of same key code <20 words ( within a page)

All key code keys can be formed  from 0 to 9 and  a to z which were from the querty keyboard keys except the punctuation. No invention of new keyboard is necessary. As for the key code for all the chinese word, there should be  rules and  mnemonic to map the keycode to the chinese word.

8 Steps Unihan input method editor is invented and engineered to accomplish the solution. You will be very blessed if you try to understand and type with 8 steps unihan input method for chinese character. Once you remember all the 120  english mnemonic and couple of rules you can type all the word in Unihan ver 8 (>85,000 chinese characters). If you were a chinese author, a librarian, an archiology, dictionary editor or any body that encounter difficulty in type chinese character, you will love this method. If you master the method, you may teach others as all the software tools for teaching are already provided free.