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New Chinese Simsun Font 10.0 Available from 8 Steps Unihan 全汉新宋体

The 8suhA1, 8suhB1, 8suhC1 and 8suhS1 fonts are extension and modification of simsun font from microsoft that cover the Main, ExtA, ExtB, ExtC, ExtD, ExtE and ExtF and some supplementary and private use areas  from Han Nom font set.  8suhA1, 8suhB1,8suhC1 and 8suhS1 contained glyphs used by , Unihan, Traditional, Ancient Chinese,Simplified respectively,  The Unihan ver 10.0 has released Ext F in 2017  and Ext G is seemed not happening. So if you want to type the characters from those newly added characters, you can download the Common Chinese Fonts from this website and also be a subscriber so that you not  only support the work of the Chinese characters but also benefited from what Unicode has offered so far.

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